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Australian Venture Consultants Services


Strategy and Policy

Australian Venture Consultants has developed evidence-based, successful strategies at a whole-of-sector, organisational, business unit and project level for a range of private, public and not-for-profit organisations of different sizes and stages of development. Australian Venture Consultants has deep expertise in developing a detailed understanding of the strategic context that applies to an initiative, aspects of competitive advantage, tactics to capitalise on competitive advantage in that strategic context, organisational design and systems to implement tactics and governance frameworks to ensure competent implementation.
Australian Venture Consultants has developed and critically assessed policy platforms and initiatives across economic, environmental and social issues for executive governments, multinational corporations and peak industry bodies. This work has assisted governments in implementing policy agendas and supported successful advocacy campaigns resulting in demonstrable policy change in a wide range of areas including resources and primary industries, natural environment, regional development and infrastructure.
All of Australian Venture Consultants strategy and policy engagements are supported by its world-class research and analytical and project feasibility and management capabilities.

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Venture and Innovation

Drawing on its strategy capabilities and deep experience in innovation management, investment and markets for innovation, Australian Venture Consultants provides a range of venture and innovation consulting services to research providers, technology developers, commercialisation organisations, start-up and spin-out companies, small-to-medium enterprises and innovation functions of multinational corporations. These services include strategic research plan and roadmap development, commercialisation strategy and implementation planning, business planning, investment preparedness and engagement, soft-landings and exits.

Australian Venture Consultants also provides venture investment support services to professional venture investors including private equity venture capital fund managers, family offices and high-net-worth investors across Australia and North America. These services include:

  • Portfolio strategy

  • Deal flow access

  • Due diligence

  • Transaction facilitation and project management

  • Investee management

  • Investment exit and soft-landing strategy and management

All of Australian Venture Consultants venture and innovation engagements are supported by its world-class research and analysis and project feasibility and management capabilities.


Project Feasibility and Management

Australian Venture Consultants’ deep expertise in assessing the economic, environmental, social and political feasibility of projects and supporting their implementation through strong project management skills provides its clients confidence that Australian Venture Consultants can support them through a projects’ lifecycle. Comprehensive feasibility studies and socio-environmental-economic impact studies undertaken by Australian Venture Consultants for industry, government, research and not-for-profit sector clients across a range of resources, primary and infrastructure projects have been key inputs to the design of and decisions pertaining to those projects. Further, Australian Venture Consultants has managed key aspects of the implementation of many of these projects.
All of Australian Venture Consultants project feasibility and management engagements are supported by its world-class research and analysis and project feasibility and management capabilities.


Research and Analytics

All consultants at Australian Venture Consultants have highly developed professional qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research, modelling, consultation, analytical and analysis outcome communications skills. This allows Australian Venture Consultants to provide clients with sophisticated analytical services, supporting their strategic, investment, operational and advocacy decision-making across a wide range of specific economic, social and environmental issues. Importantly it also ensures that all strategy, policy, venture, innovation, project feasibility and project management engagements undertaken for clients are underpinned by a strong and defendable evidence-based case.

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