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From time-to-time, an output from client engagements undertaken by Australian Venture Consultants includes a published report. Examples of such reports addressing issues pertaining to the resources industry, primary industries, regional development and infrastructure sectors and research and innovation sector are available below.


Resources Industry

Australian Venture Consultants has undertaken a wide range of engagements for multi-national and mid-tier mining and petroleum companies, resources industry peak bodies, regulators, and policymakers. This work has covered a wide range of issues including project feasibility studies; socio-economic impact analysis; taxation and royalties; market, industry, and competitiveness analysis; training, education, and workforce dynamics; new sector development strategy; and technology and innovation requirements. The following are examples of some studies undertaken by Australian Venture Consultants for resources industry clients that have resulted in published reports.

(June 2020)

Commissioned by the Chamber of Minerals and Energy Western Australia and Association of Mining
and Exploration Companies, this study investigates the competitiveness of the Western Australian
spodumene mining, concentrate production and lithium hydroxide manufacturing sector in the
context of recent developments along the global lithium-ion battery supply chain and markets for
lithium-ion batteries. It makes a case for policy intervention and proposes a suite of policy
recommendations designed to build resilience into Western Australia’s upstream lithium industry.


Primary Industries

Australian Venture Consultants has extensive experience working with fisheries, aquaculture, agriculture and food businesses along the supply chain, as well as with primary industries regulators and policymakers. This work has included feasibility studies and business plans across a range of sectors and business types; assessment of training, education and research requirements for key primary industry sectors; assessment of investments by Rural Research and Development Corporations; deep analysis of primary industries policy issues; and preparation of whole-of-jurisdiction primary industry development strategies.
The following are examples of some studies undertaken by Australian Venture Consultants for primary industries clients that have resulted in published reports.


Australian Venture Consultants was engaged by the Western Rock Lobster Council to prepare, on behalf of the entire Western Australian fishing industry, a detailed discussion paper exploring the case for greater levels of security in resource access for the Western Australian fishing industry.
This report has informed recommended changes to Western Australian fisheries legislation and a submission by the Western Rock Lobster Council to the Western Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Private Property Rights.


Regional Development and Infrastructure

Australian Venture Consultants undertakes assessment, strategy and policy work for industry, local, state and Federal Government and community stakeholders across a range of regional development and infrastructure issues. This work has included detailed assessments of regional infrastructure demand, infrastructure status and capacity, whole-of-region development plans, Indigenous economic development policy and strategy, and jurisdictional regional development policy alignment.
The following are examples of regional development and infrastructure projects undertaken by Australian Venture Consultants that have resulted in published reports.


In response to changing usage of hard and soft infrastructure in the Goldfields-Esperance Region of Western Australia , a formal collaboration between the local government authorities that comprise the Goldfields-Esperance Region engaged Australian Venture Consultants to undertake a detailed assessment of the status and development trajectory of the Region’s resident population and working economy, and minerals and mineral processing, agriculture and tourism industries; the current and projected usage of the Regions soft and hard infrastructure by the local population and industry; and an assessment of status and capacity of the Region’s road, rail, aviation, maritime, digital and telecommunications, natural gas, electricity, water, wastewater and waste infrastructure; land, housing and labour markets; and primary, secondary, vocational education and training, higher education, healthcare and law and order soft infrastructure.
The report provides a basis of the local governments that comprise the Goldfields-Esperance Region to prioritise co-investment in infrastructure.


Australian Venture Consultants has a successful track record in working with customers of knowledge and technology development and knowledge and technology service providers to produce innovation outcomes that are optimally aligned with end-user needs. This work has included the development of end-user driven strategic research plans, technology commercialisation strategy development and implementation, and the design and implementation of cross-sectoral, mission-oriented research collaborations.
The following are examples of published reports from work undertaken by Australian Venture Consultants for clients in the strategic science and innovation domain.

Strategic Science and Innovation

(April 2018)

This study was commissioned by the Western Rock Lobster Council to explore the merits of establishing a research institute focusing exclusively on the needs of the Spiny (or ‘Rock’) Lobster industry. It provides a detailed assessment of the competitiveness of various species of Lobster in global markets, provides a preliminary assessment of knowledge and innovation that is required to underpin the competitiveness of Western Rock Lobster and proposes a structure, funding arrangement and governance framework that could be used to give effect to the proposed institute.

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